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Arksey Village, Doncaster

Design Principles

•  New core facilities for village.
•  Central village green.
•  Existing public footpath connects new core to historic heart of Arksey, All Saint's
   Church and the Plough Inn public house.
•  New road connection through site to avoid difficult junction in village.

•  Minimal road layout pattern with the emphasis on pedestrian routes and movement.
•  Connection to existing infrastructure, public transport, services, school.
•  Community facilities designed in a cluster around the village green.
•  Retail units along main pedestrian and vehicular route for maximum exposure.

•  Buildings designed with a contemporary feel which responds to context, creating an
   attractive environment with a strong local identity.
•  Buildings designed to reflect the surrounding urban grain in height and footprint.
•  High quality design and materials.
•  Mix of tenures.
•  Views and glimpses of church between buildings and along streets maintained.
•  Development to embrace sustainable design and construction practice.