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Cresswell Road, Sheffield

Client:  D Noble Limited

Project:  Apartment Scheme

Location:  Cresswell Road, Darnall, Sheffield

The site is a former works that had a strong influence on the character of Cresswell Road. The buildings were industrial and up to four storeys in height and therefore dominated the smaller scale terraced housing.

One of the buildings was to be retained due to its architectural significance and so the challenge was to create a residential scheme that incorporated and took cues from it whilst also responding to the scale of the neighbouring terraced housing.

The finalised scheme comprises 5 no. apartment blocks arranged around the edges of the site, enclosing a central landscaped amenity space and secure parking. The apartment blocks contain up to 31 no. flats each and are between 2 and 4 storeys.

An industrial-influenced language of materials and design features was used, including metal window frames, balconies and louvres, red and blue brick, flat parapet roofs and render. Combined with a form that broke the buildings down to a more residential scale, the end product is a scheme that fits perfectly into its historical and physical contexts.

Another key feature of the scheme is its sustainability credentials - its uses a structural timber frame throughout and extensive green roofs.