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Dalton Lane, Rotherham

Design Principles

  • New Village Square at the heart of Dalton Parva:
         - High quality hard landscaped area.
         - Parking for existing residents and school.
         - Seating and monument/sculpture.
         - Vantage point/views across valley.

  • Green corridor maintained and enhanced:
         - New lake at lowest part of site with footpaths and feature pedestrian bridge,
           provides amenity for local population and increases/enhances natural
         - Incorporation of further beneficial biodiversity - woodland planting, new
           hedgerows, reedbeds, wildflower grassland etc.
         - Trees brought through site to provide connectivity with adjacent farmland
           and countryside.

  • Extent of development follows natural line running around contours of the flatter part of the site and connecting to existing established line of development off Netherfield Way.

  • New access road from Dalton Lane.
  • Creation of Place and 'sense of arrival' within site.
  • Minimal road layout pattern around site.

  • Pedestrian connectivity - pedestrian routes prioritised over car.
  • Key route from east to west along existing desire line provides level pedestrian route to shops on Doncaster Road.
  • Houses face on to and overlook Green Corridor - natural surveillance.
  • Houses designed around Open Space / Green on flatter area of site - connects development to green corridor.
  • Hierarchy of building heights and urban grain:
         - Cluster / random village-style development around village square / core on
           steeper part of site.
         - Generally 2-storey dwellings across site, increasing to 2 and a half and 3- 
           storey around key areas / node points and along key pedestrian routes to
           provide enclosure/place-making.
         - Back to back housing layout where possible provides security.