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SELF Director attends Manchester School of Architecture Open Day

SELF Director attends Manchester School of Architecture Open Day

Mark Barker, Director of SELF Architects, recently attended the Manchester School of Architecture Open Review day.  This was an opportunity for final year MArch students to engage directly with experienced practitioners, giving them the chance to present their studies undertaken thus far and for them to respond to questions around the development of their ideas ( 

The primary purpose of the review was to provide the students with astute, informed and critically appropriate feedback on their progress so far.

There were three separate Atelier groups reviewed by Mark during the day, including Platform, and Architecture & Continuity, each of which selects a particular standpoint from which to launch Research, Design Studies and other related works, culminating in a final study project.

The projects were diverse and covered a range of interests including:
• Study Rochdale – 2 projects stitching into the existing urban fabric
• Homelessness and the architectural response to this
• Intensification in built form proposed for central Manchester
• Imperfect Architecture – exploring the gap between our imagination, drawings and
  built form
• Textile industry renaissance in Manchester and how this can be reimagined

Mark will be attending the degree show later this year, which provides an opportunity to see how the final projects are resolved.